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am1 blackstix, honeycomb vs machado's

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  • am1 blackstix, honeycomb vs machado's

    anybody ridden both?? comparable feedback? thanks

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    I haven't, maybe someone else can drop something in. I do know however that I like the foils on blackstix a lot, especially in average to good surf. Perhaps in epic surf you might want to go with the foil of a honeycomb...


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      And Chris what do you use in small surf?

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    i have a set of wct's on the way.. c how they go in our punchy beach breaks i surf here.. loved the k2.1's but curious to see how the wct's go with the tail rocker on the chubby chedda.. not enough fin maybe or could be perfect


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      Very similar foils on both. I'd say the honeycombs are just a tad stiffer than the Machados. They'll hold a line just the way you want. In my experience, because the Machados have a bamboo component to the fin, they have a little more flex. This helps for releasing your fins in a snap or cutback situation. They too will hold your line, but you also have that option in your back pocket to slide around if you really want to whip your tail on a turn.