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Spitfire fins Rasta and Solus?

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  • Spitfire fins Rasta and Solus?

    Am getting a 5'8 spitfire in the next couple days with Futures boxes. I am 82kg 6'1. Have only used Fcs on my other boards so first time using futures.
    I have been doing a lot of research on this forum and at the moment my thoughts are Rasta quad and Solus thruster as my first options.
    Any advice on these fins or other options or ideas please?

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    Right on the spot there!!
    We share the same weight and those SOLUS are so much fun on good waves
    The rastas as quads are an excellent choice as well


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      I tested out the Solus on my 5'8 SF in knee to chest high waves. It felt like it drags and I don't have the drive on my bottom turns and down the line. I'm thinking it might be the hachet creating the drag? When I do cut backs it turns really well. What kind of waves are good for the Solus?

      In the meantime, I'm gonna test the Solus fronts with controller rears on my spud.