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  • Komunity Project Fins

    Has anyone had a chance to use or try out the new Komunity Project Fins? The 2.1s and the 3.1s both look great I am just wondering if they are any good. Are they just an updated version of the older Kelly Slater fins with a splash of colour?

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    Kelly doesn't ride for FCS anymore so has released his templates through his Komunity label with both Futures and FCS style bases. They look nice but seemed really over priced over here. 90 for a thruster set and 120 for a quad set!!


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      What?! That is very overpriced, I just saw the images with no prices, but that is excessive. I will have to look elsewhere. 120 for a quad set is a little bit ridiculous. Thanks again Phill


      • #4 It's no more expensive than Msw for a quad set.


        • Phill
          Phill commented
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          Hmm I wonder why the ones I sure were 120? Are the black ones a higher spec?

        • pmorgan
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          I had a closer look and the black ones are carbon vs the honeycomb don't know what the main difference would be? They look smart tho

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        Carbon ones could be a little lighter and stiffer. Honeycomb fins are pretty light though anyway.


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          I brought a thruster set of komunity k2.1. Blue and white in performance core. Really well finished quality product. I don't know where they are actually made. They are twin tab and I put them in my alternator. Which by the way is a great short board shape. The fins are drivey and fast but their Best feature is ultra quick turns and hard snaps at speed. I am going to get a set of komunity 3.1's as well. I think the k2.1 is the same shape but the 3.1 is slightly redesigned with a smaller trailer