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    Is there any chance of getting rocker measurements or even for a few boards from the difference performance categories as a basis to compare to ? Or has anyone measured the rockers of their own firewires or any other boards in their quiver? Im highly intrigued by this dimension atm!

    Cheers Will

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    I have not really found anything better for rocker info than the board descriptions and the forums (yeah forums), but there is one page where you can pretty easily get a visual of some of the rockers. I am guessing that they are also in some sort of order, even if it is rudimentary HPSB, HPH, H, and PS.
    It used to be easier to find, but I am unable to find it from the main menu now. Here is the link:
    Firewire Surfboards creates an award winning eco surfboard construction with a lightweight and durable custom surfboard that is best recognized for its superior performance.


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      we haven't assembled a spreadsheet of all the rocker measurements because the rocker values don't necessarily tell the whole story. we prefer to have people look at the profile curves on the model pages to get a clearer view.



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        It is helpful when the board description mentions "easy entry rocker" or "advanced rocker template" in order to get a basic idea.


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          Yes little indicators like that are helpful and i guess are fairly consistent when looking at hybrids vs performance boards as there is going to be an inherent difference. I reckon it would be handy to know the subtle differences between the high perf boards say, to narrow down the exact one ie which has more tail rocker. Relative comparisons like that are good to compare within the FW range but with measurements and figures it would make it possible to compare to other brand boards. I think ive settled on a 601HZ for an upcoming trip so im pretty stoked and sorted for now!