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Volume vs. Dims

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  • Volume vs. Dims

    What do you think is more important? I was looking at a two boards from a shaper, same model, but one had much lower volume while being longer, wider, and thicker. I assume it was more foiled out? Anyway, I liked the volume of the "bigger" board, but liked the dims of the smaller board with more volume than I normally ride.

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    Well actually both are very important. An undervolumed board will give you problems to paddle for waves (amongst others)


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      Yeah I agree with Iggy, volume is pretty key, though it can depend on how much of a discrepancy we are talking about. For example, a 3-5% variation in volume can sometimes be offset by dims.


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        Area, or planing area, is important and once you are planing on a wave with a good amount of juice the volume doesn't matter so much, but with those kinds of waves a little volume helps to paddle into them. On a board with perhaps less volume but plenty of area, as it slows it will sink into the wave more, and so for those fatter slower waves volume really helps keep the board from sinking in and slowing right down. For example, George Greenough's spoons had hardly any volume, in fact the centre was foamless. Obviously it works for a kneeboard as the takeoff is easier because it is much quicker to get to your knees and you also have the aid of fins. Still, paddling around would have been a bit of work, fine for a point or reef with a very consistent take off spot but on a beach with shifting peaks you'd have your work cut out for you.

        You need both, but depending on the wave, you could get away with less volume. Though optimum volume will benefit you more often without being a burden and increase the wave range of the board.