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V4 aded to compare boards

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  • V4 aded to compare boards

    Would it be possible to add the new V4 to the Compare Boards page?

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    I second that. I'm looking at a 5'8" at my local shop and want to see how it stacks up to the CC. Right now I'm riding a poly board that is 5'8" x 19 1/4 x 2.35 with 25.6L of volume which is pretty similar to the CC. My goal is to stay with that volume and possibly narrow up my boards so they are more responsive with out losing drive and the ability to get into waves. Want to get some more info on the V4 before making a purchase because it seems like the perfect option.


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      V4 sounds perfect for narrowing up and increasing drive etc. this thread got my hopes up that it had been added.


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        Will the v4 be an easer option to make in FST . I really like the look of this one but not sold on rapidfire. The 508 chould be on the money.


        • Phill
          Phill commented
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          I think the V4s bottom contours are even more complex. Single to double with doubles within the double or something...

        • pmorgan
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          Ah well might have to wait and see what mr Tomo has in store.

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        Would definitely like the V4 added to Board Compare. I have a Vanguard (first Firewire I've ever owned) and the board fits my surfing perfectly.
        Thinking the V4 would work as a great short board +.


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          Glad to hear you're stoked on Tomo's designs mtcup05

          - Firewire Intern Josh