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taj pro vs flexfire

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  • taj pro vs flexfire

    Hi all, i was directed to this forum by someone in my shop, saying that you folks here were really great resources for advice. So, here's the questions.. I work in a surf shop, and there are two boards from last years firewire quiver left that i am interested in, but am not sure which way to go... there is a flexfire, in a 6'3", and a taj pro in the 6'2" size. I have been surfing 24 years, and would still consider my style to be quite active and aggressive... I like a lively board, and like to attack the lip right after dropping in at times, and want a good feeling board that can do tight radius turns and abrupt direction changes while still feeling in control and not squirelly. I also want decent rocker and a good rail feeling it link up well going from one extreme to the other. I also like to take off deep, so the board's bottom contour and tail shape and contour are a factor. returns from entering in fakie, and off lip 360's are in the bag of tricks too, so i want smooth transitions there.. I am 5'10" and about 145lbs... i have heard the springload of the taj pro model adds quite a bit of liveliness to the feel.. but i have no one here who can really lay it all out for me to help make up my mind. As an aside, i keep coming across this youtube video called "why firewire boards suck" where this guy supposedly snapped his board inn a plantar-flex direction while duck diving a 3 foot wave... has there been any other such reported issues? I know the stringerless technology would mean that board engineering would have to beef up the structural integrity elsewhere, but is there a weakness in fabrication that i should be aware of?.. just trying to get a bead on all the facts, this would be my first firewire board, so thanks for your patience, and help with my decision making. - Jeff from BC Canada

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    I replied in your other thread.