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  • Boards for (short!) girls?!

    Hi guys. I am an at an early intermediate stage but surfing around 4 to 5 times a week, and feel I am progressing fairly steadily. I am looking to get my first 'proper' board - currently on an 8' beginners plank. Have done the volume calc thing, and it comes out with a 610 spitfire, which in think would be way too much board for me. Input details were beginner / inter, 70kgs, avg fitness, 50 yrs young. The bits it didn't seem to take into account are that I'm only 5'5, and female (we girls have 'curvy' bits that often make us weigh more!). Also, after 20 odd years of water polo, some at state level, I'm a pretty strong paddler still. Any thoughts? Am thinking 608 spitfire, or would this still be too much board? Should I go for something completely different? I surf mostly around Phillips Island, Vic. Thanks for any thoughts!

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    5'10 or 6'0 Spitfire would be plenty for you if your pop up is solid I reckon. If you're looking to keep some length it's probably not the best choice


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      Hi Phil,
      What would you recommend if I am 'looking to keep some length' (!!?)

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    I'm with Phill. 510 at most.


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      Thanks guys! Pop up is fairly reliable, but wouldn't quite call it solid yet. Will have a look at the 600 (lacking a little confidence!) and maybe the dominator as well. Unfortunately, it seems to be almost impossible to demo these boards down here, and it's a lot of money if you get it wrong!


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        the activator would let you keep a bit more length, otherwise you've got to move into the higher performance, thinner style boards which I'm not sure if you're ready for. The other option is something like a 6'6 addvance or maybe one of the smaller Sub Moons, though it sounds like they have a pretty refined foil and modern rocker but I imagine are still stage enough to have loads of fun on.


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          The 706 submoon is starting to look interesting....could make a great compliment to a future 'quiver' including one of the much shorter, more performance oriented boards, while still being great for increasing confidence, catching smaller waves and practicing things now...will probably have to save up longer due to the price though....