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Nano in board compare?

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  • Nano in board compare?

    Really interested in the nano, but with all those tomo shapes, they'd seem especially important to have the details on the board compare seeing that they differ so much in appearance from more conventional boards

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    What details are you looking for? There's a lot of info in the Nano thread. Its my fav board.


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      I like being able to use that tech view in the board compare to get a good picture of the board. Stability rating, IMO is a huge thing. Just compared the Vanguard 5'4 to the F1 6'0 and the VG had a higher stability rating, stuff like that helps me dial it in.

      All things aside, i spoke to the shaper himself and he recommended i get the 5'4 Nano at 5'8 x 165 pounds seeing as my normal boards as of late have been in the 5'9 x 5'11 range and have slowly been adding width from 18 5/8 -19"or so (* roughly 26 liters depending on what brand)
      -* a big reason why i like more details as volume brand to brand is really random.
      - Even with the aforementioned F1, lost's F1 6'0 stock says 25.3 liters, yet firewires model says 24.7, maybe they are different ? or measured differently ?(shrug)

      At any rate, this is the first firewire I've ordered, but I have been visiting and browsing this site for a while, one great selling point of firewire is the tech stuff, and being able to elaborate where others can't with features like the board compare.
      So, it's mostly a suggestion, but it's a feature that I think should be vital for selling and keeping people coming to the site.


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        There is a few boards missing in the board compare. V4, DA and Nano.


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          The folks, these are all the to do list, standby and thanks for your patience.



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            Try to plug in a V4 for comparison and all I get is an error.