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Compare Two Boards Not Working?

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  • Compare Two Boards Not Working?

    Is there a problem with trying to compare two firewire models now?

    It seems to only load three boards in total out of the whole range & sizes?

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    Check the filters on the right hand side. If nothing is selected then something could be up.


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      I just checked it and had the same problem, but there were figures in min and max volume. Switch them off and you should be away.
      I'll give Justin a heads up that it's happening. Nice one!


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        thanks folks.


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          Thanks prjwebb....yeah it seems to go to a default setting in the filters when you activate 'board compare' bringing up only three boards . It never used to do that before. Normally when you activated 'board compare' it would bring up a page with all the boards.

          Also, any idea when the new models eg potatonator, MB, might be loaded up on board compare?


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            Seemed like the link to the compare page already had a query for min and max volume in the address. It should be sorted now I think?

            I too am looking forward to see the new models in the compare feature. Mainly so I can see how my CBD compares to the MB in the nose and tail widths.


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              Any ideas when the compare thingy will be up working again??

              Frothin to see the potatonator's stats!!


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                use that link. no potatonator or mb on there yet though :(


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                  I just noticed the Compare Boards tool now shows the rail line rocker and centre line rocker to compare on models. Good stuff!

                  The tool is still automatically loading a volume query between 58 and 64 litres when you load the page though.


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                    Thanks guys. Going to hit the tech folks behind the board compare to get this one fixed. It's still works, you just have adjust the volume range.

                    Not sure why, though, it comes up populating that volume.