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  • Update on CBD?

    Hi Chris/forum users. Been having a great time reading through the forums thanks, particularly on the CBD. Just wondering if there is an update on future plans regarding additions and development of the CBD? I understand she's a high maintenance b*tch time and money-wise. Would love to see the unibrow or at least a roundtail option added though, as would some others who've posted on various threads. Reckon I could just about sort myself an entire quiver then. Cheers fellas and keep up the good work :)

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    Hey Gareth,
    thanks for the inquiry. nothing major in the pipeline at this point. we are focusing a majority of our attention on getting our work with Tomo, LSD, Biolos full speed ahead (Biolos boards yet to be announced for 2013) and want to also get the TechnoGrain launch up to where it needs to be.

    The net result, lots of product development and a difficult scenario to focus resources on CBD development. It will come, but the first half of 2013 is so jam packed...


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      Chris can i get a CBS alternator with round pin like in stock model? Aloha gkekoa


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        Originally posted by gkekoa View Post
        Chris can i get a CBS alternator with round pin like in stock model? Aloha gkekoa
        I'm going to assume that the answer to this is no. I've been playing around the the CBS a bit to see about crafting my next FW purchase, and there simply isn't an option to change the tail configuration. I too would love to see this option available for both the Alternator, and the Flexfire. Maybe in the future.

        Chris... I do have an additional CBS related question. Are the volumes for the Alternator correct in the PDF's that are output from the CBS? I noticed that there is a discrepancy in volumes between the Alternators in the CBS vs. the stock dims on the firewire website. Example: CBS 5'10 Alternator = 26.9L and the website lists the 5'10 at 25.9L. I would guess that the site is correct, and the CBS Alternator info isn't quite right. Should we assume the CBS Alternator volumes are just roughly off by 1L?


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          The CBD volumes should be exact to the board that it's showing as it's calculated off the cutting file for the board. It's possible that the scaling of the CBD boards is a touch different and they are running a little fuller, maybe a little more width in the nose and tail than the older Alternators listed on the website.
          I know Chris said to me a while ago when I was looking into ordering an Alternator through the CBD that Nev had tweaked the file slightly as those changes were showing in the CBD before the OTR boards or something like that.