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    Hi stylar,

    I guess there is going to be a lot more interest in addition to you seconding the motion for Mayhem shapes in CBD after Taj's nice victory in the opening event of the year! Matt and Nev, and Mark of course, will be the guys who decide.




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      Thanks Bruce.

      The more boards added to CBD the better for us but the key for me is someone to bounce ideas off so that all sounds great.


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        Good stuff.

        Thanks for all the posts!


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          Hi Bruce
          Is there any possibility to have the board's volume update, just like the width and thickness does. that way we don't have to generate the file and wait in the queue, only to find out the volume doesn't match up and have to start over again?

          Another idea could be to have the volume you are after as a starting point. eg enter your volume : 30L
          Maybe even enter the type of conditions the board will be used for eg hollow, beach break, or allround etc.
          then you select your model and board size eg flexfire 6'2
          and based on your volume and conditions the board is for, the adjustments to width, nose, tail and thickness would be auto adjusted to give a good starting point, and then we could tweek it ourselves from there.

          just a few ideas.

          thanks bruce


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            The PDF has to be created to get the volumes as its creating the full CAD file for the board which gives it those measurements. The image in the program is just a 2D representation and until the file in generated it doesn't know what the volume will be.


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              Hey Prj. It's all mathematical. similar to the how the volume calculator works.
              Each board shape will have it's own liter unit per cubic volume. (if that's the correct term)
              As long as you have a stock starting point which equals (x) amount of volume to go off.
              EG. you multiply the length by the width by the thickness then divide it by the volume
              hellrazor 6'3 (6.3 x 19.6 x 2.3 = 284.004 then divide it by it's known volume 30.9 = 9.19 litres per cubic volume)
              so lets try the 6'1 (6.1 x 19.5 x 2.25 = 267.6375 then divided by 9.19 = 21.9 liters)
              My math sucks, but the trick is to accurately convert the inch fractions, computer algorithms do this with a blink of an eye, so it is possible to put an equation like
              this into the CDB before the pdf is created, obviously the generated pdf will be spot on. But this works as a close guide with out us lameo's reaching for a calculator


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                  Hmm if it's possible it would be good but I don't think the volume changes are linear with the length and width changes, let alone the nose and tail width changes and the overall thickness.
                  The way the boards are adjusted isn't simple scaling and affects the whole foil of the board so I think there would be too many variables for the front end of the CBD to be able to generate a figure.
                  I'm sure Bruce will have a response that makes more sense anyway haha.


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                    Hi Stylar,

                    Thanks for your message, those are great ideas.

                    Regarding the first one, prjwebb has it right, the volume is recalculated with each 'Update 3D Model' as this does regenerate and measure the volume 'live' after the CAD model updates. Short of calculating the approximate 20,000 permutations per length (so for all the Dominators, its about half a million) we will likely add info to the customize page that will help you predict how changes will effect the volume. For example, if you add 1/8th thickness to the 6'2" Dom it would add 1.67 liters, if you add 1/2 inch to the main width, it would add .92 liters (if you made both changes the change would be 2.63 liters - so a little more than the two added together (2.59) since you'd be adding the 1/8th thickness to the widened board).

                    This addition to the customize page has been on our list for awhile, we will let it be known once it is added.

                    Your other ideas about volume would be great to add, and we have kicked around similar thoughts, these are more on the 'blue sky' list at this point to accommodate this kind of intelligent guided decision making about best board for an individual taking into account even wave types.

                    I will make a note to get in touch with you when we get closer to this kind of implementation as we are very interested in what exactly the majority of surfers discerning enough to order a custom board want to see in this application.

                    The system will evolve as Firewire is committed to doing so, though there isn't the luxury of unlimited budget to add all the improvements we or people like you envision.

                    Hopefully the capability to estimate volume changes with the info we plan on providing on the customize page will help in the short term.

                    Thanks again stylar,


                    p.s. - thanks for your input too, prjwebb (have you received your board yet?!?)


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                      Hey Bruce, yeah got the board about a month ago now. Sadly the waves here have been mostly terrible. We had a few days of great waves a few weeks ago though so I got to try it pretty soon after I received it which was ideal. First impressions are very good. Could be a magic one if it keeps feeling that good every time I use it.
                      It's funny, I bumped up the width of the centre point to 18.81" and maxed the nose width and widened the tail also and it looks like quite a chunky board, but the second you stand up on it the width vanishes and it feels so smooth and responsive. Couldn't be happier with it! Might be the best shortboard I've ridden but I'll reserve judgement until I've surfed it more.



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                        Hi prjwebb,

                        Early report sounds promising, looking forward to hearing the further review!

                        Bumping out nose and tail does straighten out the rail outline a little giving that chunkier look, I believe it should be a little faster because of it.

                        Hope you can take it out in some good waves soon!

                        Thanks prjwebb,


                        p.s. cool that you got a shot of it new, pre-waxed.


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                          Hey Bruce,

                          Any word if rounded pins could be an option on the Flexfire range? Since those would be a likely choice for a custom step up it would seem like a great next addition.


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                            Hey Mean,
                            I will say that we will have a round tail option in CBD in the near future that will fill the void that you are expressing...


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                              Thanks Chris!


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                                Hey Bruce, any CBD news?