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    How much is too much on a short board? I have a 6'0 19.125 29.6L CI Flyer which is a perfect shape/size for my skills- but im always having to patch a ding blah blah. Back to Firwire. I think if I go 6'0 Alternator and +.375 on width and another +.125 on the nose it gets me to the exact same dimensions and volume. Is that too much on a shortboard? I'm no Nev, I don't want to mess with how all the different inputs work together.


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      Hey SP,

      have you built it on CBD yet?

      I think the custom board argument gains a lot of merit when you design a board that is similar to something you have ridden in the past and liked!! Our CBD platform was designed with safeguards in place to keep the user from warping the board beyond the point of functionality so as long as you are building a board that has a reasonable volume for you, and the changes are addressing areas of concern, i think you will be great!!