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  • Board availability for CBT

    I Would like to see the Fire wire CBT program blown out to include a lot more boards it seems like a logical thing to do when the whole basis of how the CBT works is that Fire wire set limitations on the increments that the boards can be adjusted to keep the templates balanced and conducive to getting the best performance out of each model, At the very least they need to gap fill as some of the volume variances are just to great, I am 80kg 6ft and 40 surfing 30 yrs decent fitness the volume limitations on many FW models leave buyers no choice but to head to your competitors I like the the Chubby,Alien and Unibrow for example and I ride around 32 to 32.3 litres all these models move from mid 31 litres straight into 33 litre territory leaving people who ride my volume to go swimming for their preferred volume this is a massive variance to a competent surfer !

    I am a huge fan of Fire Wire technology and the Calaboration with other shapers to FST technology but disappointed with the current limitations on CBT

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    The CBD is starting to look very thin. Three boards there are older & not in general production any more - Flexfire, Alternator & El Fuego.
    The Dom & Split are essentially the same board with a different tail.
    Leaving just the MB as a current HP design to be customised. I would love to see Hellrazor II & Hashtag get in the program. And tail shape options too.


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      I can only guess that there's been pretty limited purchases through the CBD and as a result pouring more money into expanding it isn't looking like the smartest bet. Just speculation mind, but if it was really popular id expect them to utilise it more.


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        yeah if they had more boards with TAIL options i'd be on it.. like a hashtag with a squash..... i'd place my order today


        • Phill
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          Yeah I think more options would make it more popular...but also more costly to develop.

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        yeah delicate balance here. its definitely a matter of priority for sure and right now developing our relationship with Tomo, Pyzel, our other shapers and improving techs has been the focus.


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          Hi Chris - I notice CBT doesn't do BP but is it possible to order different length BP through a retailer or directly through FW?

          I loved my 5'6" SP and want a BP at around the same volume or slightly less, can I order a 5'6 BP TT expecting volume to be around 37-38?

          Not really ready to drop to 36l 5'5 BP or go up to 39.9l 5'7

          Thanks - Jus