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    yeah good feedback prj!!

    I went the same route but have gone back to my 508 Dom and 509 el Fuego, closer to the 30L mark than the small sub I had a few weeks back. definitely no right answer...


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      I going to wax up the Spitfire again soon. Haven't used it since I bought the sub. Will be nice to feel it out again!


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        so its been a year, and I'll comment that I've found for hpsb type boards, hopefully this helps the other giraffes out there. Even though I've gotten a lot better in the last year (I used to think a 6'4 stealth was the right board for me at 38 liters) if I go shorter than 6'4 it just doesn't feel right, my stance is never right. I think core is right...for the tall guys shortboard is around your height or an inch less. use your weight to get the volume right. I know I need around 32-34 liters, and I've found the boards with that volume around my height are the best (6'5 F1, 6'5 hellrazor, 6'6 quadraflex (old thin model...floated me lower than f1). For the hybrids, I find its hard to go less than 6 inches below my height or I run into the same stance issue (you can think of a sort of "virtual nose" extending the length of those boards). I now have a 6'0 spitfire, anytime I try 5'10 boards, no matter how floaty, there is just too small a stance window for me to get it right. Too many long limbs floundering around trying to get in the right spot. For the performance hybrids that have sort of a shortboard shape, i can go about 4 inches shorter than myself, but run into trouble around the 6'0 mark. For example I rented a 6'2 and 6'0 stealth on a trip, and was able to make due with the volume of the 6'0, but my stance was always off again. 6'2 felt good. I'm curious if other people are able to ride boards more than 6 inches less than their height easily?


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          Hey Bagel,
          I don't have quite the same height to weight ratio as you, but I do consistently ride 503s and 506s and I am 6'0. I do, however, prefer longer boards in good/steep waves because like have a little more rail and a little more rocker when the surf gets good...