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  • What happens when you hit 40?

    So I was playing with the volume calculator, and I'm right in between 35 and 40, so I kept all the variables the same except for those. It gave me a 5liter difference for my minimums! Is it that much harder to surf at 40? I keep myself in good shape and want to surf for a while. Can any older guys chime in?

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    Ask that Kelly Slater guy :D


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      Yes I have been saying for some time now that at 35+ the volume calculator starts adding too much volume. It must be based on some psychological studies that show anyone over 40 always lies about their fitness :-)

      In some of the other sports I compete in (in a mediocre way!) some of the 40+ are much fitter than their younger counterparts whose training time is limited much more by younger children.

      I would think a pretty good objective measure of fitness (regardless of age) would be 50m swim sprint time! It would be relevant to paddle power.


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        Yep similar experience. I'm 35 and putting in int level of experience, 35 years and average fitness, was giving me 46L as ideal volume. Luckily was able to demo some firewires before I bought me new 6'4" spitfire which is 41l so about 5l less than the recommended for me. What I noticed is that if I backed the age setting back to 25 years, it gave me ideal volume (or change fitness setting to excellent which I feel although fit hardly the fittest guy out there so doesn't seem right). So in short demo if you can, or scroll the age back if you feel reasonably fit. Reckon with all the surfing I do now I'm fitter than i was at 25 anyways LOL.


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          next month i make 42. i get in the water a lot so i have an advantage over most by staying in water shape and when i work out, its only to benefit my surfing. im not "six pack abs guy" but i like to ride my small boards around 40L. my VG was 35L and i could paddle into waves easily, but didnt care for jockeying around the line up w it. oh btw, my triceps are MASSIVE. lol


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            there is a huge disparity in volume when you put 40+. I guess they are basing it off a study that 40+ don't surf as much thus are not in optimal physical shape??
            My dad told me that once I turn 40 "things" wont be or work the same...I'm not sure what he means by that but I guess I'll have to wait and find out haha