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  • Volume question

    Hey so to keep short and sweet I am after opinions on volume between small wave boards and over head performance boards. My SP is about 35l, with a performance/hybrid should I go less liters or stick to the same? Cheers

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    @Paulm, normally if you go bigger on waves you would want to go less volume because it's more maneuverable. For example, I too have a SP at 35L, but when the waves are head high+ I ride my 5'8 Spitfire 31L. I'm 5'8", 170-175 lbs.

    Below is a breakdown of volume I've been using:
    - Grovel boards 32L to 36L
    - Perf/Hybrid: 30L to 31L
    - High Perf: 28L to 30L

    Hope that helps.



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      yeah there are differing theories, but generally speaking, i think people increase volume a little bit when they choose their groveller. I personally ride between 28 and 31L in almost all my boards, but there is definitely more volume in my smaller wave boards and less in my good wave boards... You don't want to vary a ton, however, as going from say 29L in your performance boards to 38 in your small wave potato style board would be an unnecessary jump in volume.



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        I chris i'm 6'0 178lbs and surf hashtag 29,3L and love't. What do you think would be the best SweetPotato option for me, 5'0 28.9L or the 5'2 32,2L?


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      i ride everything at 35L+. 6'@190lbs.


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        Thanks for all the input guys, I'm new to choosing boards by volume but it definateley is crutial. I'm 6' 178lbs and intermediate, think I'll shop around some demo boards about 31-32 liters. Cheers, Paul


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          Check this video with Nev think important not have differences over 10% on volume so the transition between your boards could be easier...