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Volume Calc compared to Channel Islands

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  • Volume Calc compared to Channel Islands

    Interested to know why theirs such a difference.

    CI - Novice 180lbs

    Suggested volume = 38.8

    FW - Beg / Inter 180lbs - Avg fitness 25 yrs old -

    Suggested volume = 44-48

    Why such a difference? Not sure why age has such an impact either if you have 'excellent' fitness?
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    yeah, i reckon the volume calculator is WAYYYYY off. it wants me to ride a 45L board, when 2 years ago I was riding a 35L hybrid and a 33L HPSB and only weighed 5-8kg less. I've chosen to ignore the suggestions on the calculator and get a 39L V2 rocket and then a 37L mini driver.

    I guess, just use it as a guide and go off your own gut feel.


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      Justo mate you are spot on there. I used the vol calc so many times and ended up with board way over volumed. I am lucky that my mate owns a surf shop and gives me great deals on used 3 or 4 times boards. I feel you really need to know your own ability well and fitness and not be too humble. I was using average fitness and inter level until my wife said you surf 4 days a week and sup when it's flat mountain bike and other shit put in excellent and see your boards. It's a massive difference. Actually works out the same a big Al. I am not knocking the cal but there is still a lot of unknowns.