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  • More volume calculators to play with I think it's ok to post this as Nev has legend Statius here. It's interesting to compare with rusty,s and ci,s. But there is a wee description with the levels ex 1to 5 five been excellent at all aspects of surfing.

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    I really like the ...Lost volume calculator. Much more accurate in my opinion. By using a guild factor you can really narrow down each of your boards quite easily.


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      Don't you need to know your preferred volume to work out the guild factor thing though? Seems a bit pointless to me. Maybe I'm missing the point?


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        Hi Phill,

        there is a guide on there that gives recommended Guild Factors. I've put on 10kg in the last 2 years. so my preferred volume from 2 years ago is irrelevant. My guild factor however, is the same. .39


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          Ci have taken the vol calculator to the next level.
          This is great for ayone looking at a coustom.
          I hope Matt B jumps on this one.


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            that's an awesome one pmorgan. tailors it to the specific board!!!! THIS is what I want for firewire!!! Tomo's are different to Potato's are different to flexfires are different to ...lost models etc etc etc...