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    Hi Chris i saw you have a artillery 6'3 in yor quiver can you talk about it? Dims shape volumes? Any idea when available?

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    Funny, I was just wondering about the Artillery series too. We had a big 10' swell this last weekend and probably could have used one.

    Where is this series at? Will any be available this fall?


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      The 603 is

      603 x 18.38" x 2.5" - 29.3l.



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        Those are some pretty strange dims, even for a 6'3" step up. Super narrow and pretty thick.

        Is this Michel's board? That would make more sense since he seems to get narrow but thick boards.


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          Designed by Nev and Timmy I think. For thumping tubes.


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            yeah so it has added beef under your chest to help with paddling and threading when its steep. its nice because its narrowish, but it has a great shape to get up early and plant in the middle of the board and drive off your front foot to make a deep section. I don't obviously ride it in the same ways Timmy would, but for me its a perfect little travel board for getting over the ledge on a reef break and under the lip on head and a half-ish conditions. If you are a charger you could probably make it work bigger....

            we'll be officially making this one available for order soon...