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  • Chito

    What ever has happened to Chito from Costa Rica that used to be on the this forum
    I enjoyed reading his stories
    Skillful writer
    Hopefully he has sorted out his board issues and is still stoked on FW

  • #2
    Been busy with life. Shaping my own boards now, got a 5'11 hellrazor that FW replaced my broken one with for an awesome price.
    I might come back in to the swing of things at some point but for right now I wont be adding my input.
    Glad to hear though that the info I put out there was well received and hopefully put to use.
    Look for a possible Hell Razor review at some point in the future from me, hopefully with a video too.
    I am still stoked on FW but simply cannot afford to buy them periodically and with the amount of strain I put on boards it just makes more sense for me to make my own. Cheaper and better in the long run.