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Merry Christmas from this side of the pond

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  • Merry Christmas from this side of the pond

    Merry Christmas for everyone from this side of the pond.
    Wish you guys enough, enough of what you decide enough could be
    Health and family, the rest comes later
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    Haha Merry Christmas Iggy!


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      May next year brings us many waves...and boards to ride them of course!!


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        Merry Christmas Iggy, PRJ, Core, Fan, Brent, Chris, Justin, Fazza, Buzzy, Goanna, Cuttlefish and everyone else whose name I can't remember right now!
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          Merry Christmas guys!

          Wish you all the best surf and otherwise.

          I know with the stresses of job and family and finances it is tough to keep up with our hobby. I know for me it gives
          me clarity and helps me see things more clearly and how to be a better leader in my family and to be a better dad, husband and father (probably too deep for the forum, whatever).
          I love my life, and I love surfing and Firewire's have helped me get to where I want to be surfing wise.

          Thanks y'all!


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   all my fellow Firewire Fans and the crew at Firewire...Merry Xmas...Happy New Year..and lets hope 2013 pumps !!!


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              merry xmas..good health to all and may all your boards be magic