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  • Your quiver and why?

    Obviously your quiver is always being refined as fitness waxes and wanes, weight gets added and dropped, the things you look to do on a wave varies and just boredom and need to mix things up. I thought I'd post what I have, why, and where I'm headed. So, for winter (now) I'm tending to use more foamed up boards. Pre work surfs end some time early May and I don't do much exercise other than surfing. Also, I do post grad study in addition to working so I do a fair bit of Tim Tam and chocolate monte consumption while I cram for exams. Less fitness, more weight and wetties mean more foam. So for winter my good wave board is again a 6'8" Alternator and small wave board is a 6'4" Dom. Both are paired up with K3 fins. I could use a touch less volume but given all the other factors they're pretty good. Summer/autumn/spring? I surf more. I'm fitter. So a touch less volume. The every day board is a 6'4" Unibrow. A great every day board. My good wave board is a 6'6" Q5. It's a phenomenal board. I love it. Both with Kinetic Racing Parko fins. Where am I headed? Well, aside from my longboard I'm going to go exclusively Firewire. Come Spring I'll be selling my last standard construction shortboard, and selling my 6'4" Futura. I'll be getting a 6'2" Dom, which is probably the better size for me for small waves in all but the tiniest days. The Dom is also a super easy transition to the UB. Chris says the UB could be a Dom replacement and that's true, but the Dom does have that better acceleration in really small waves. There you go!
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    cool thread.
    5'7 RFBP- why is not needed
    6'0x19 1/2x 2 7/8- board rocks.... my secret weapon on any thing overhead. if i told u what it was, it wudnt b a secret weapon.
    6'10 ADD- insane fun, crowd makes me mad, i bust out the "Bully"
    I've got plenty boards not in use, but definitely worth surfing, but these 3 boards r a winter and summer quiver. if i need a step up, i just pull one from my Uncle's rack.
    the VG and the Q5 r solid alternates.... oops, VG is done


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      Good thread buzzy!
      I'm pretty stripped back now. I've got the 5'2 Sweet Potato which lives in the van, so it's always there when I'm at the beach. In theory nearly any day that I want to surf I should be able to get out in that and get a couple but I do prefer it really when it's clean and lined up. The short length and high volume can make it tricky when it's really wedgey and choppy. There's plenty of volume in that for me in full gloves, boots, hood and thick wetty in winter and the volume isn't too much of an issue in summer gear in the typically more mellow summer conditions.
      Then I've got a 5'4 x 18" x 2.38 custom Vanguard for an all rounder. The FW 5'6 was just too big for me and I didn't want to be caught short with the 5'4 for every day paddling around so had to go down the custom route for now at least. Once the Vanguard is in FST and available through the CBD that'll be the replacement I expect. The custom is currently being glassed so we'll see how that goes when I pick it up.
      The I've got the old faithful CBD Taj. This could be my everyday board, but I've been spoiled by the efficiency of the Vanguard so figure why go out and have to work the board pretty hard through flatter section etc when I could be on the Vanguard and flying over those sections with minimal effort while still having the performance characteristics to make the most of the good sections when they stand up. I mostly save the CBD Taj for good conditions now, where it's solid and steep or just medium sized and hollow and bowly. It doesn't come out that often but it always feels good when I get to ride it.
      Lastly I've got a 6'4 rounded pin Flexfire. That lives in a sock hung in my room and only comes out when I go on trips. There's very few waves at home that handle the size needed to dig that out so fingers crossed it'll be a quiver staple for years that will get a few great sessions a year in warmer waters.

      The only immediate change I see happening to my quiver is the 5'2 Sweet Potato giving way to a 5'3 Baked Potato in TimberTek. I got to check one out in the flesh yesterday and was blown away by how light they were, how good they felt and how beautiful they looked. I was in the frame of mind that the 502PT did everything I needed it to and the upgrade wasn't worth while for me, but after seeing the TT I can't resist.


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        5'8" Potatonator - Like it but don't love it so I will eventually replace it with a Baked Potato in Timber because the Potatonator is no good for me on the sloppiest of days - My old Sweet potato used to get down and dirty in the worst (small) conditions and will easily cover the waves I usually ride the Potatonator in as well.

        6'2" Mini Driver - For those who know me know how much I have battled with this board and even I don't know how it survived this long (although it's only been 6 months) But I'm keeping it because when it gets a bit bigger or simply more powerful it is an exciting board - even though I can catch a 1-2ft wave on it, it's just not "all rounder" enough for average conditions.

        So next board will be all rounder for average 2-4ft conditions - I'm thinking of a 5'11" / 6'0" Unibrow for an easy transition to the Mini Driver.