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  • next release

    so what's coming next year?

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    Hi has anyone got a reliable release date on the sub moon range for Australia... I have been hanging to eyeball one before I take the leap


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      it's funny that there's all these models we know about, yet they aren't on the website.... I can get more info on the Pile Driver and sub-moon from googling about them, than I can on the actual manufacturers website...


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        I found it the same ... A bit sad when you like the product ( I have 3 firewires ) and can't get any defiitive answers from the site or the folk at FireWire ..a gaping hole in marketing strategy if you think your customer base will wait endlessly given that there are so many other players out there...please help us out here?


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          Hey guys, thanks for the posts. The Pile Driver is scheduled for a late 2013 release at retail (small number out there) and the submoon is coming soon, you'll see them at retail soon. both will also be online in the coming days as well.



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            Thanks for the heads up Chris I wil keep an eye out for that


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              Hi guys,

              We have a blog on next years firewires on our website for you to have a look at, give it a read! Here's the link:




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                New toys...........


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                  i'd like to try the new lft that looks pretty interesting.. wondering how it compares to fst


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                    Nice...but the question has to be asked why is there always more info on new boards on other places on the web instead of here????

                    Good to see there going to improve on the rapid fire tech.

                    You have to really give it to FW there not scared to change things that might need changing and improve on things as they go and of all the major board makers out there they are definitely leading the pack on bringing more experimental shapes to a wider audience.

                    Obviously it goes without saying they are leading the pack of major board builders in regards to construction..huge thumbs up!
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                      Yeah I don't think FW will be too thrilled that SS have jumped the gun and unveiled most of the new stuff. I'm sure they'd be excited to share it themselves when they are ready.

                      All the new stuff does sound very cool though and at least there's still some surprises!

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                    Anything that has gone to retailers and isn't on the website is still concept and doesn't have a timeframe yet. Boards that currently do have a timeframe are FST Vanguards and V4s. Open for special orders and heading to retail in January.

                    - Firewire Intern Josh


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                      And the Hellrazor 2


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                        i would like to see the dim charts on that hellrazor II