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    Put me in the El Fuego camp. For the waves we get in the PNW (slower rollers that can pack some punch rather than pitching barrels mostly) it is absolutely ideal.

    Says something to me that with any board he wants at his fingertips, Nev rides his "trusty El Fuego." (Check his blog to see what I mean.)

    Than having been said, I think a Spitfire would be a good call as well. Cant lose either way I reckon.


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      Hellfire here on the east coast. Had an alternator and it was pretty good too but the HF performed better in waist to stomach. If the dom held up better in hollowier head high stuff I'd say the Dom but it gets skatey on those pumping days. Would love to commit to the HF for everyday waist high and up but we just get so many weak, mushy days I have to have that pnator if I really want to surf my best. If I was 15 years younger I'd be on my HF alot more.


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        Originally posted by tomscillia View Post
        First Firewire is a 5'8 spitfire love it as a quad .. didn't as a tri at first. A lot of rich kooks around where I live on them . So I didnt know if they really work. They do !! Spitfire is such a great grovler but also got a double barrel on a day no one was getting barrels.. little bit of luck but board held sick !! I weigh 165 and I'm 5'10 . I also experienced something I never felt in all my years surfing .. Ther other day I jammed it n a turn under the lip and it flexed or something I felt a jolt of speed rebound me out of the turn. I've only had it a couple of months so Its just getting better. Wondering what my next board will be. Probaly hellfire or flexfire ?
        That is the flex returning and giving you a squirt of acceleration, it's blast isn't it? Sadly, you get used to it after a while, and while it's always there and you make good use of it, it doesn't feel as special or sensational.

        Originally posted by Fazza View Post
        For me the JacKnife is turning out to be a pretty good all-rounder.....
        Until the Jacknife I'd thought the Hellfire was perhaps the best all rounder, it can grovel but waist height is about as low as it will go and they still need some punch if you are going to have any fun. That extra area in the nose of the Jacknife looks like it will help get a little more range at the bottom end, the problem with the Spitfire/Dominator/Activator group is the flatter rocker at the higher end, anything steep and the take offs need some care. The Jacknife looks like it has this covered with the added rocker and the low end is covered to with the fuller nose with the single to double concaves that help with lift and speed. I still have a Webber Afterburner (old dimensions 6'6" x 19 1/4" x 2 3/8") and it has a similar bottom contour though no vee off the tail but a bit of tail rocker too and it amazes me how it handles small waves very well, with some punch it will surf 1'-2' waves very well. I expect the same from the Jacknife too.

        I am getting a 6'2 Jacknife and it will sit between my Spitfire and my Hellfire, though I suspect it will have me covered most of the time and if I could only have 1 board it might be the one (yep I think I've convinced myself and sold myself on it LOL).


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          good stuff slow man!!


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            Slow man

            Let me know how you go when you get the 602 JacKnife.

            A mate of mine just got the 602 JacKnife after riding a demo and loved it and he also bought a 508 PNator and loves the combo of the 2 boards.


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              Fazza, I'll let you know. I just picked it up, lucky they had one in stock at CSD. Sadly it is small and the onshore is now howling, it just isn't worth going in. Tomorrow morning though more swell and offshore, fingers crossed. Hope the fins I've picked are close to what it needs.


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                I can definitely say the Jacknife looks like a good option for a 1 board quiver. I surfed small shories today and it went very well. Slightly better paddler than the HF.