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Iodine and Fukushima

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  • Iodine and Fukushima

    Curious if any one is taking iodine to deal with our increasing radio active environment?

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    Iodine??? didn't know that works. These days I'm hesitant to eat any fish coming from the Pacific. Ppl don't realize how bad the situation is, public media don't like to talk much about it


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      Well, your thyroid absorbs iodine in any form being radioactive iodine which is a common by product from a nuclear reaction or non radioactive iodine.

      But I wasn't so much asking in terms of eating contaminated fish, but more about surfing in contaminated water. However we now eat only eat farmed fish.

      Since I live in Cali its a concern (a big one of mine anyways).

      So I was curious if any one was on this tip and what brand of iodine ppl here take. I've been doing Survival Shield.

      I've friends with serious thyroid issues due to Chernobyl. And they were born in France a while after the disaster. Its like an entire generation over there has thyroid issues which range from always being tired or cold to having thyroid cancer but I digress.