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  • Prevent leash wrap around

    Ola gurus,

    I missed a great wave yesterday due to my f-in leash wrapping up my front foot. OMG, I was livid!

    This happens now and again, any one have a way to minimize this?

    Thinner, longer leash etc...

    In terms of thickness, what spec; 5.2mm etc...

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    I find if I wrap some seaweed around the middle of my leash, then the tangle around the front foot never happens. I think if a leggie is new and still has "packaging kinks" then it needs a good wipeout to straighten things out and stop it from being so annoying, but otherwise looking forward to a real solution to this dreaded problem as much as the next guy.


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      Soak the leash in very hot but not boiling water for a few minutes. That will soften the cord. Then hang it with a light weight on the end while it cools. It will harden back up without any kinks. That will help.


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        A couple of other things that I think help reduce it for me:

        Don't create new kinks by storing the leash tightly wrapped around the tail of the board. Either wrap loosely, or ideally, don't wrap at all (easy if you use a bag).

        Rinse the swivels after each surf and lubricate them occasionally if needed.

        A habit I have when surfing is to occasionally just reach down and grab the leash and pull away from my ankle to make sure it's free of the fins and trailing the way I want it. I'm sure most people do it once in a while, but I always do it when I see a set coming.

        It's been quite some time since I've been tripped up by my leash, and I think these things have helped. Having said that, some leashes just seem more prone to getting in the way than others.


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          All awesome suggestions, many thanks. I will try em all.

          I read an MIT study a while back about how long wire/plastic need be before it just starts tangling/wrapping on its own.

          The length was some absurd figure, like 14" or some such.


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            I sometimes sit with it over my shoulder and just drop it prior to paddling for a wave. But not suitable in areas where there is a bit of current and you keep bobing awaking from position.


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              2 things... be sure that the leash (at the cuff) is pointing away from you at a right angle, not straight back; also, on my bigger boards, I sometimes sit on the leash until I turn to paddle - it prevents the tangle that comes from drifting and such. Could your leash be too long?


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                Another nugget, thanks man. My leash is only 6', mebbe go down to a shorter length as my board is 5'5".


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                  if its happening more with your current leash than others then it could just be an evil leash... i've been getting tripped up by one for months now but i keep forgetting to chuck it... it has a permanent kink 6 inches from the cuff that worsens in the water.(temp i assume)... blown some beauties because of it..(at least that's my excuse)... you get them from time to time... usually i throw em out straight away..or give them to the groms... as already stated, check swivels and if cord is kinked, stretch it between two fixtures in the sun... but like mine, it may come back to haunt you in the water... at that point just replace it...


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                    Yeah I bought a new creatures leash. It's one of those 'hell' leashes. Constantly wraps around my legs and causes mischief. I rarely rely on a leash so usually use and old, stretched out comp leash that is really nimble.

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                  It would be cool if some one did a leash with soft rubber and a wire core giving it a perm arc shape of sorts.

                  I found this;


                  May be cool?
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                    An update, the cuff being at a right angle plus rinsing the leash with attention to the swivel points plus not wrapping it around the board during storage worked very well so thanks a lot for those valuable nuggets.

                    Just got the XM Tangle Free comp 6' and even though it came looped, as soon as I removed the packaging it seemed to wanna go straight. Looking forward in testing it, feels very cool.


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                      surfed with a guy with same leggy as me the other day... same built in right-angled kink near cuff that you cant entirely get out.. i wont name the leash...but... its made by Australia's long time leash manufacturer.. based south of sydney, and the particular leash model is named by a singular solitary numerical digit.... if aussie readers cant suss that then i must of been too cryptic..!! :)


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                        I have one of those awesome creatures leashes too. I've found that if I pull the excess and put it over my leash leg knee, between the knee and the board, I don't get any tangle.


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                          Surfed about 30+ hours with it and must say that the XM tangle free is legit. Very good leash and does not wrap at all. Got a few for backup.


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                            Post surf I close the Velcro on the leggie and then attach that to the nose of the board. Then both go in the board bag. Keeps the leash fairly straight.