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A good read, volume vs surface area, paddling & more

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  • A good read, volume vs surface area, paddling & more

    I came across a really cool article the other day, the search started with painting an epoxy board, then to difference between tails, then to fins, then I was cruising through surfline and surfer mag trying to find an article to better understand volume and how it relates to how to choose a surfboard and why its becoming so popular (surfing curiosity) and I couldnt find too much that was helpful, or even from my perspective, that seemed right. I found this
    Just a normal guy like any of us, a very smart guy at that, who does some math, thinking, and experiments on boards, paddling, and planing. I read all three articles he had up. The website is dated a bit but I managed to get in touch with him just tell him that I thought what he wrote was really cool. I figured if i liked it this much maybe other like minded people would too. It cleared some of the misconceptions that i've had and I imagine some other people have too. Enjoy!

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    Interresting stuff...

    something I came across a while ago:


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      thanks man, that was a cool read too. its a trip to think about the first time i bought a board and how little i really knew haha! board science has come such a long way, I think the next board ill add to my quiver is a custom dfr


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        Interesting indeed


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          I'm 43, 6'2" and 90 Kgs.
          On the volume calculator, I entered Intermediate, Above average fitness (not convinced I am), 40 yrs (full head of non greying hair) and 90 kgs. It puts me on 45 - 49 litres in good waves.
          Just had a demo on a 5'8 Hypto (31 L). Absolutely no issues paddling around the line up or catching waves.

          Isn't wave catching all about positioning?