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Curren vs Occy @J-Bay

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  • Curren vs Occy @J-Bay

    Mr. Curren is indeed a smooth criminal, I love that guy. His reading of the wave is impeccable.

    Occy would have done better, he needs to slim down a bit is all. Rematch coming up in HB.

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    Yeah occ looked a touch under foamed. Good heat, and what a great contest. Glad to have j bay back on tour!!!


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      Occy - the shots of him paddling were a crack up. I thought he was about to expire or blow up! :) it was pretty one sides - Occy was just way too unfit. Incidentally many many moons ago Occy killed my dreams of being a pro surfer. I traipsed up to Queenscliff beach in Sydney to support a local ripper and saw this little guy Occy who had more natural talent than is fair for one person to have. He was my age - my dream was dashed. I knew I'd never be able to surf anywhere near as well as that guy. Little did I realise that was true for pretty much the entire world.


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        For some reason your recount reminds me of a story, unsure how relevant it is but here we go.

        I was surfing my local break one AM and saw this kid out. It was about 6-8' on the faces and a bit unruly. I was a bit worried about this kid although he seemed to have respect and common sense about the conditions around him. After a few I call it a day as my quadricep locked up (I've since remedied that lame situation) and noticed this some what odd homeless looking guy on the beach and thought to my self; hope that's the kids friend or something.

        So I'm packing up my car and some guy comes up to me and says "Hey, that was Tom Currens kid in the water with you" and I was like "Oh, and where is the man himself". He replied that it was the guy on the beach. He seems bigger then life but in person, he's kinda short as I'm 6'1". I'm glad he didn't look homeless in the J-Bay heat but rather, he was trim and in shape.

        This was several years ago.
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