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  • Stringer?

    Saw this photo of Taj and Shane. It looks like some kind of stringer in Shane's board. Is that something he's been experimenting with to stiffen the boards up/cut down breakage in the ridiculous waves he likes to surf or just part of the breakage creating something that looks like that?
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    From Mark "Some of our team guys wanted to experiment with a slightly stiffer feeling under their front foot - without sacrificing the overall flex. We built a few using the 3mm corecell hi density deck skins, glued together and then set on their edge to create an internal hi density 'stringer' that still allowed the board to flex. It's suspended down the center of the EPS core without cutting into the deck skins as that would have weakened integrity of the deck skins. We only built a few and some guys like Shane liked them, although he has a bunch of the original Springer technology boards as well, and he has not requested this build for all of his boards."