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    Originally posted by Chris View Post
    not sure you will ever be able to get a way from fogging??
    Yeah you might be right, but you woud think in 2012 with all the things they can do now days, sunnies that ont fog up wouldn't be that hard.


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      I found a pair of Ocean Eyes polarized sunglasses that I use when I teach kitesurfing. They work really well and don't fog up because there is plenty of room between the frame and my face. they get a bit salted up at times though, have to wear croakies if I actually kite with them. I also have some that have foam around the frame that stick it close to my face. They sure do fog up if I put them on before going in the colder water, so perhaps putting them on after entering the water would help. Maybe of my students have had similar goggles that fog too and they eventually ask me to hold them during the lesson because they can't see. My suggestion is tackling the fogging issue, using desaturation solutions that you would apply to the inside of the lens. Or experiment with some cheaper sunglasses with a trick I heard of for keeping bathroom mirrors from fogging up. I believe you rub soap on the mirror, let it dry and then wash it off and it should be fog free for a couple weeks. I'm sure water will still pool sometimes on the lens but if might help the fogging issue.


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        Yep those anti-fog solutions they sell for swimmers goggles are just diluted detergent. Same with the swimmers ear solutions - isopropyl alcohol and vinegar. Easy to make your own once you know the ingredients and much cheaper.

        I used to smear dish washing detergent on my cycling glasses and rinse it off to stop them fogging up - it worked well for few days at a time. Salt and perspiration (more salt) overcome in the end.