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    I'm looking at getting the 5'10 hellfire kite construction. got a few final questions if you can help me out with that would be great, i filled out the form with these a couple of times on the contacts page of the website but never got any response.

    1. is there much difference in weight between a strapless board and one with inserts?
    2. Delivery to Civitavecchia in Italy, where would it ship from and how much would it be?
    3. is there a difference in cost &/or delivery time between the strapless vs inserts boards?

    also I'm looking for a board bag that will fit the board, 3 kites, clothes & anything else soft from my luggage to protect it so the total weight will be 23kg . Can you recommend a bag that fits the bill?



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    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for your inquiry. Here's what I can tell you.

    1) The kite models with inserts are heavier than our standard surfboards to endure the additional pounding that kiting puts on a board. This is a board that will last for at least a couple seasons unlike a standard surfboard that will typically breakdown rather quickly if it's being jumped and pushed hard. In terms of our strapless "kite build" boards vs. kite with insert, they would be very close in weight.

    2) I would check with our Europe manager on this. Send an email to and see what his response is.

    3) Cost and delivery would be the same on both boards. The only comment I would make is it may take longer if a board isn't in stock in your region and needed to be custom ordered.

    Hope this helps,


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      thanks Brian,
      If they are similar in weight i'll just get the inserts one then. maybe at some point i'll put straps on it.

      I'll email Myles to sort the rest out.

      Appreciate the reply,