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  • Two board quiver??

    What would it be for me? I'm changing gears slightly ... I was leaning towards the Quad-5 as an addition to my current board, a 5'11" x 18.5" Quad (Dereck Camacho) but I think there would be too much overlap. As a light/medium wind board I think my current board is fine and it probably makes sense to add a smaller board to go with it. That way I can cover more bases quicker and always replace my board later.

    Based on some of the posts here I'm thinking the the Hellfire 5'6" ... thoughts? Should I be looking at something else?
    Unfortunately a demo for me means a 'rental' and dropping $50 for a day to try boards and unfortunately I can't even try the KHF. I can try the KQF, KDM or the Taj. Any chance that anyone has the KHF for demo somewhere here in Hatteras?

    My stats : 180lbs, 5'11". kiting for 10+ years and wanting to surf more. Getting my gybes wired ... making them mostly but they can be ugly at times. Riding the Outer Banks of NC mostly, but other coastal locations as well.

    The ideal two board quiver?

    Where can I demo the 5'6" Hellfire?


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    hey tony,

    i might make my decision based on how much rocker I want to get after. The Hellfire will certainly give you a different shape than what you currently have, it will allow you to go shorter, BUT it will maintain a fairly progressive rocker. I am not sure what the demo situation is on Hatteras, but think about what you want most out of your new board and you may be able to eliminate a few. I feel since you already have a high performance board, you can let go of the Taj and the QF. Then if you are thinking between the Dom and the HF, they are both hybrid like, that will allow you to go shorter, but the HF has a bit more of a progressive rocker, while the dominator will be bit flatter and a speed machine...

    Hope this helps get things started


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      Try the guys at Real if you haven't already. They should have the boards in stock. Not sure about their demo availability though. Chris Cyphers in another resource that may be able to help as well. The KHF is a great board and extremely versatile.



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        Originally posted by tonyg View Post
        What would it be for me? I'm changing gears slightly ... I was leaning towards the Quad-5 as an addition to my current board, a 5'11" x 18.5" Quad (Dereck Camacho) but I think there would be too much overlap. Tony
        Your Camacho board is very similar to the Quadflex 6-0. I have owned both.
        It does well in most conditions, a one board quiver.

        If you encounter big winds, big waves or very light wind.... you will want another board.

        For big wind and waves I ride the 5-8 Alternator (surfboard construction)
        The QF and the DOM can both quickly get too big.

        And for a super light wind board I like a 5-8 or 6-0 Dominator.


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          Tony, as Brian mentions below...for sure go with a Hellfire...they are a great crossover for high performance as well as lighter conditions...and don't discount the 510 that just came out...I am 220 LBs and this board is more than enough foam.

          I would take this board over the dominator any day...but my personal choice.



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            Hi Tony,

            If you re looking at succeeding at jibes, think wider smaller board with width and volume. A taj is harder to jibe than a dom for example. At your level a quad would work better too as it is looser on turns.

            I ride the spitfire and love it in small wave. It s not the best in steep waves. This is why for me the best combo is dom/spitfire and taj/flexfire. The hellfire would be a good compromise that fits both!

            Hope this helps, whatever you take you can t go wrong with any of this boards!



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              Hellfire. Easy answer. :) Either the 510 or 506 depending on size, but both are a breeze to jibe on. Taj def for more advanced riders and higher wind conditions.