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  • Senegal

    I may be planning a trip to Dakar in the near future. Does anyone have some recommendations on which boards will work best in the area? I currently have a dominator and am looking at picking up another board that will handle something that will compliment it and make a good two board quiver. Thanks!
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    went to Cape Verde Islands last march. Very windy, northerly. On the west coast of Santa Maria there was a pretty big swell for a few days, waves approx 8ft. A few Portugese guys absolutely flying. I presume Senegal gets the same swell?


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      Surfing at Ponta Preta Anthony? I went there in around 2006 or 07. The waves got really good a few times but as you say, often very windy. The kite surfers and wind surfers love it. There's definitely some good setups around there though. Senegal looks good too but the price of the flights make so many other places more attractive.


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        Ngor island right can get big in the winter it's not a critical wave but there's lots of moving water. A bit of extra volume will help you get into some big fun peaks but even on the big days I didn't think a gunny board was necessary really. South of Dakar there are some great shaped waves but never too big. A standard short board or whatever you ride when it's too big for the dominator will do great


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          Thanks bubbles. I appreciate the info. Yeah, based on what I've researched thus far online, I was thinking along the same lines….. the waves south of Dakar look like fun! looking forward to my time there.