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  • Best places to demo in Oz

    I was thinking maybe you guys could indicate which stores have a good range of demo boards in stock, or maybe running a few specific demo days in popular spots.

    I know there are a number of stores that have done demos in the past but when I've made enquiries they've basically said it was too much of a hassle to continue to do that.

    it isn't necessarily all about trying different shapes (although there's definitely that), as also trying different lengths to be sure you've got the right size before plunking down the hard earned.

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    I know Cronulla Surf Design have limited models for demo use, seems like Natural Necessities at Gerringong might have more, they have the Hellfire at least from the Hellfire Volume thread.


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      Hey All,
      This is from Raz. He is THE informed guy in Australia. Here is his response to this question! NOTE: He did mention that there is a new demo program for 2012 and may shops will be getting more so call ahead too if it requires a drive.


      Primitive Surf
      Beach Beat – Caluondra and Alex Head
      Coolum Surf and Dicky Beach have just ordered up a nice amount, so will be on in next weeks
      FIREWIRE Currumbin of course!
      Rhetoric – Surfers paradise

      Bay Action – Byron Bay – a few
      Slimes – Erina – Good selection
      Coopers Surf – Coffs Harbour – Great Selection!
      Aloha – few – putting in a massive order on Monday
      Quiksilver Mona Vale – not a lot atm, but is also increasing
      Sanbah – New Castle
      Natural Necessity – Gerringong
      Offshore – Broulee – not many atm
      Saltwater Wine Port Macquarie

      Cordingleys – Just got a nice amount
      The Surfboard Room – shares with Cordingleys
      Vidlers – Has a few but is going for more!!!
      Mainstreet Surf – Margaret River

      Onboard – Glenelg & Port Noarlunga

      Full Circle
      Mordy Surf
      Quiksilver – Torquay
      Torquay Surf
      ZAK Surfboards

      Admittedly SA & VIC don’t hold a lot of DEMO boards in stores but this will increase with new program and will keep you updated.


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        Thanks Chris. Fantastic and quick response.


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          In Vic it seems as though they have actually cut back on demo's and they only ever have very very high volume boards talking like 40+

          The Demo things a great idea and a real positive if there is a selection of different size boards, but i think it can be a negative if there is very limited or even only one board to choose from in the model, for example a few years back i took a FW demo out and hated it, as the volume was way to high, felt like i was on a boat, and it actually put me off getting a FW, until after about a year and a half and 3 pu boards latter, i was just so sick of disposable PU boards and saw a bargain buy FW in a shape i liked in perfect volume, now theres no looking back.


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            definitely a -ve if they don't have the right size...I took an Aloha Bean for a demo once and it was too small and knew it would be. There was no way of really telling how the right size would go because any board seems like a dog when it is too small to get you going properly and it would be similar if the thing is too big and you can't set a rail.


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              Spoke to Sam from Cronulla Surf Design today and he tells me they are just about to be upgraded to a "gold" dealer
              This means that they will carry around 100 boards at any given time and have HEAPS of demo's available.


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                Originally posted by Goanna View Post
                Spoke to Sam from Cronulla Surf Design today and he tells me they are just about to be upgraded to a "gold" dealer
                This means that they will carry around 100 boards at any given time and have HEAPS of demo's available.
                Goanna, I was in there Monday and Sam was away but the woman (cute blonde, the owner I think) said much the same, 100 new boards and heaps more demos.


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                  Dropped into Cronulla Surf Design today and saw the following models in nearly every available size - Gromflex, Michel Bourez, Activator, Jacknife, Hellrazor, Hellfire, Dominator, Potatonator, Sweet Potato.
                  Baked Potato due any day and Lost Minnie Driver ue in 3 weeks (approx).

                  I got that same tingly feeling I get when I walk into Bunnings, BCF, & Anaconda.


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                    Goanna, dont forget Office works and my personal favourite...Coastal Rural Traders...something about those places that make you get your wallet ready before you even get in the doors....


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                      Lol nowhere in Western Australia has a demo. Last one I saw was 2 years ago at a FW demo day at Scarborough.