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    Is it worth changing from FCS to Futures btw ? I wold have to built ut a completley new fin quiver then... but with only two boards + step-up the fin choices should be fairly easy... doesn't seem like there's too many fw boards with futures in the online UK shop Prjwebb ?


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      Standard UK orders are FCS unless other special orders. Not sure why that's the case but seems to be what the market has dictated.


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        2 485 post, prjwebb.... since december 2011... that's sick! :D


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          ha, just trying to be helpful!


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            Originally posted by Erling View Post
            Is it worth changing from FCS to Futures btw ? I wold have to built ut a completley new fin quiver then... but with only two boards + step-up the fin choices should be fairly easy... doesn't seem like there's too many fw boards with futures in the online UK shop Prjwebb ?
            No, it's not worth it...but always fun to try different things.



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              Originally posted by Erling View Post
              So... I've been thinking a lot about swapping some of my boards for some time now. I like every board when the conditions is right for it, but I would like to have one board less in the quiver; making it easier to have the complete quiver with me all the time + making it easier to decide what board to choose.

              My current quiver: see my signature.

              Could this quiver work, or will I miss out on some conditions?
              5'8 Potatonator

              5'11 Chubby Chedda
              - (or 6'0, by the looks of it there's really not much difference in the two?)

              6'8 Flexfire Direct Drive pin-tail
              - (the one I currently own) could probably replace this with something else, but I really don't mind having a bit bigger board when the conditions might be a bit difficult and big)

              Really hard to decide to sell almost all my boards, what do you think? I'm open for other suggestions as well.
              Hi Erling I think your new suggested quiver sounds prity good to me. I have a similar quiver now with the addition of a Mini driver.
              The PN is a perfect small wave / junk board. If the wave,s are gutless run her as a twin fin. The Cc is more like a Hpsb only squashed down. Making it easer to chuck about. Then you have your step up I run a round tail alt and love it. I got a md recently at a great price from a mate who owns a surf shop in Aberdeen. He is looking to promote the brand up north. Sorry ranting a bit.. The md is also a sick board.


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                When do you feel the need to go from the sub-s to the MD/Alt? Where's the sub-s' limit ?


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                  good stuff everyone.

                  Limits i think are defined by the surfer's abilities as well as the waves the boards are in. obviously 3 feet here might be completely different than 3 ft reef pass etc...

                  But generally the Sub Scorcher and the Chubby Chedda max out for me when the waves get to shoulder high if steep and maybe head+ if mushy. I know the second a wave gets steep I wind up wanting a narrower tail and a little more rocker than both of those boards offer. But I also have a 5 board quiver so I have the luxury of going from my CC to my Alternator at just the right condition. I think you can push both the Sub and Chubby further if they are going to be your "daily driver" shortboard.

                  Cheers and hope this helps.


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                    Thanks Chris. I'll have the step-up and the option to replace it with a standard hpsb later on if I feel the need for it.... I really don't need a 6'8 pin.

                    Should I go 5'11 og 6'1 on the CC ? Got this reply from

                    I'm the same size as you and have a 5 8 PotN which is perfect for our waves and like you wearing a 5mm wetsuit in winter
                    The Chubby should be ridden the same as your height, you are 6'
                    If you are riding it mainly in Norway then go for the 6' if you're going to travel with it go 5 11
                    It has the right volume but that extra inch in weaker waves won't do you any harm
                    Hope that all helps


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                      I would totally agree with Chris as max wave size for a type of board is a personal choice. I can say that I love the sub in head high waves that have a walled up face. Once it's gets steeper or hollow I grab the mini driver the extra rail length along with the rounded tail give it that extra edge.
                      The board shops sizing recommendations are a bit confusing. Go by your vol cal and previous experience you won't be wrong with that.


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                        well, the difference in volume is quite low... 30.9 and 31.6 = only 0.7L i difference....


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                          I'm going for the 5'11... now the new dilemma is 5'6 or 5'8 Potatonator... I was set on the 5'8, but now I'm reading more and more about people above 80kg loving the 5'6 and people around 90kg loving the 5'8....

                          want to get it right this time... this is the case: 5'4 Sweet potato is so much fun, but I just don't feel that it surfs the way I want unless the waves are really fat/small. And the volume does feel too high. The 5'8 pitfire is really good then the waves have som push in them, but I feel that there is a gap between the potato and the spit... . And the Alternator is really good when it's on, but I rarely feel the need for it.

                          I used to have a 5'10 dominator that I used in everything, and that board vent a lot better in weaker waves than the 5'8 spitfire. not sure if its the tail or the extra volume, but it was easier to get into weaker waves and got up to speed quicker and was faster on softer waves. The problem with it was that it felt too big once the waves had some size, and that's why I got the 5'8 Spitfire.

                          So I'm thinking that the potatonator will be a blend of the sweet potato and spitfire; covering the lower end of the scale well, surf a bit more like a normal shortboard and work better in slightly better surf than the sweet potato but not needing as much push as the spitfire.
                          And the Chubby Chedda will be a blend of the Spitfire and Alternator, grovel better that the alternator but handle/feel better (for me) in waves with some curve and size up to 1-1.5xhead (rarely barreling waves here, and a good day will be chest/shoulder to head high waves)
                          Although I don't really need it, the 6'8 Flexfire DD pin-tail will stay in my quiver for the days when it's bigger and focus is to get into waves easier/ making it through closing sections/and not really focused on turning the board.... We have some spots here that in the right conditions and with a large crowd it's hard to get in the right position and a lot of the time you're too deep and ending up over the falls or too far off the shoulder and not getting into the wave... frustrating and I've found that the step-up makes it a lot easier than than the Alternator although I prefer the alternator once I'm on my feet in going down the line.... And if I should feel the need for a different board later on I'll just sell the 6'8 and get something else.

                          So now that the 5'11 CC is chosen... should I go 5'6 or 5'8 Potatonator, based on the description i just gave and that I'm 80kg/185cm and surf in wetsuit all year (4.2 in summer or 5.4+hood/gloves/boots in the winter).
                          I know that there's guys at my size surfing both, I'm just not sure what conditions they're using them in.... and what other boards they have to compliment it.
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                            If its to replace both the Spit and Potato the bigger option might be a good move.
                            What are the volumes?


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                              5'6 is 30.3L and the 5'8 is 33.9L.... so there is a gap there... a 5'7 at 32L would be nice :)

                              the 5'11 Chubby Chedda is 30.9L ... so getting a small wave board with less volume might not be ideal ? But volume is not everything.... I was thinking that the 6'8 flexfire would be hard to paddle and getting into waves since it's got about the same volume as my alternator but has more rocker and is a lot narrower and refined. But the length of that thing makes it glide and paddle really good. Making me think that the low rocker, fat rails and wide tail will make the potatonator work well in weaker waves even though it's got lower volume than the spit and CC. But I don't want the -nator and CC to overlap too much either...
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                                If you're keeping the sweet you'll prob like the 506 but the 508 will def have more bottom range if you're looking to scale down.