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the best step up from the potatonator?

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  • the best step up from the potatonator?

    Hi, I am looking for a step up from my potatonator. I usually surf beachbreaks up to head and a half... rarely bigger. I have a 5'10 potatonator, 186 cm, 85 kg, intermediate. I am open to any suggestions... so what do you think? :) ​thanks :)

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    6'0 hellfire?


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      Unibrow? There are lots of good options out there. Do you know if you want a high performance board or a performance hybrid?

      - FIJ


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        that's what I really don't know... I really like the look of a michel bourez 6'2 thick model but I don't know if I am good enough to surf it. I am 22 years old and quite fit to add some more information :) Other than bourez model I was thinking maybe to wait for the slab model from pyzel which is supposed to come out in the second part of this year... I am confused :P to many options :D


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          if you're looking for a shortboard the bourez and the alternator are good choices. the alternator has a nice moderate foil and a little relaxed rocker while the bourez has a full curvey rocker but still a little more width and thickness and a fuller foil than other 'pro' models making it more every-man friendly.
          out of the two, the bourez will like a steeper, more powerful wave due to it's added rocker whereas the alternator will be a little more versatile in less than stellar conditions and more user-friendly from an intermediate point of view. the bourez will rely very much on rider input while the alternator will have a little more built in speed and ease of use.


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            hmm thanks :) I guess I have some decisions to take :)