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Fuerteventura / which board for me?

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  • Fuerteventura / which board for me?


    Heading here at the end of April, we're heading to the North Coast (Corralejo).

    I'm somewhere between beginner and intermediate, I can catch most waves I go for when they are strong, I'll be honest I'm a terrible paddler, don't get to surf a lot so surf fitness is a problem. I'm 40 and 180lbs.

    The thing worth adding, is that I've been a skateboarder for over 20 years, once I'm up balance is rarely a problem and i'm just at the point where I'm just starting to turn / experiment on the wave.

    Anyways, I have access to the following boards:

    6' 10" Addvance - love this board, but feel I don't need all the volume when up.

    6' 4" Dominator - only ridden once, felt fine when up, missed the paddle power of the Addvance as the waves were terrible / weak, but still felt quite floaty.

    6' 0" Potatonator - love this board, rode this in Sri Lanka, caught waves easily when waves were good (reef), reckon I could have gone smaller, or a board with less volume.

    5' 8" Sweet Potato - never ridden this!

    I've picked up all these 2nd hand along the way, so still trying to work out my right volume etc.

    Anyways, a post with a bit of a what board is good for Fuerteventura, where's good for my level and which board would be good to take, and am I riding the right size in each?

    Sorry for rambling...

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    I would bring your advance and a PN. If you are having an off day jump on the advance and still have fun. There are some good beach breaks there too.


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      Agreed there!! That will get your trip covered allowing you to catch whichever waves you want