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Sunblock and board short chaffing- Tropical areas

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    Me and a mate went and lashed out on some of the flash stretchy boardies for last indo trip, he got the rip curl, I think I went volcom, both of us were not impressed and we both had problems with wear and tear, I woudnt spend the dollars again, after years of putting up with rash on indo trips, both of us made the brave move to buy some speedo aka budgie smugglers strictly for under boardies and give them the huge big thumbs up, super comfy and no rash at all, after years of getting fried also decided to give the long sleeve rashly with hood and visor a go, felt like a little bit of a goose at times, but also give them a big thumbs up, generally use with the hood down and it's surprisingly fine, doesn't,t get in the way, then when you get the times where you feel like your going to get fried or that lull in surf action I put it on a ad annoying fr a bit but after a while is ok, good option to have.


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      Great info. Nice points on he long sleeve and Zinka.


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        Nothing worse than inflexible boardies...I had a pair of Ripcurl boardies that I took to the Ments in 2007. Being short and stocky build they would hook over my knees when getting up and slow me down when getting to my feet. boardies are just not something you really want to be thinking about when surfing...they have come a long way in the last couple of years..

        As for the budgie smuglers....want to warm the wife up for a bit of action later in the night...mow your lawns with nothing but your speedos a treat but dont expect your neighbours every to look you in the eyes again LOL.


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          I challenge our Canadian friend to do that in negative temperatures lol. May need to coax him out hah.

          I've had no probs with my Rip Curl Mirages, love the stretch which stops any issue of boardies getting caught up on the pop up. Just my opinion. The SolRx seems to do such a great job I haven't had to use zinc anymore, and it doesn't sting the eyes. Slowman they also do a after sun Aloe Gel. By the way I don't work for them just love their product, worth sharing the love


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            Well I do get change and take a shower on the spot after a sesh no matter the temp... My friends keep telling me that something's wrong In my head...I'm a creature of habits