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Which firewire board should I buy?

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  • Which firewire board should I buy?

    Hi guys - my first post. Looking for your advice on which board I should buy.

    I surf only about 8-12 days each year b/c I live in Utah. Surfed a fair amount for a few years living in So Cal many years ago (high school), but just getting back into it now. These days I take about 1 trip to OC every 3-4 months and surf 2-3 sessions each trip.

    So ... my specs
    170 lbs
    pretty fit, but don't swim or paddle much
    Surf 2-3 sessions every 3-4 months (so I'm not in good paddling shape)
    44 yrs old
    low-end intermediate or high-end beginner surfer & don't improve much b/c I simply don't get enough days in the water living in Utah
    Firewire volume calculator suggests 55-65 liters
    I surf beach breaks in San Clemente - I especially like T street and Uppers (Trestles)
    Over the last 2 years, I've rented the Addvance (back when I weighted over 200 lbs and wasn't into eating right and fitness like I am now), the sweet potato (or baked potato ... I think it was sweet), and just 2 weeks ago I rented a 6'10'' dominator (volume seemed perfect in terms of paddling .... but I wished it would duck dive for me). Each of these boards had enough volume to help me paddle into waves early enough to have time to get up etc. Def had more fun on them compared to the 8 foot soft top boards I used to use. Just haven't surfed any of these boards enough (usually only rent them for one day ... on long session after work) or close enough to the other models to know which I like better.
    Surf is usually 1-3 or 2-4 when I go out, but I'll try bigger when its available. I fall getting up still lots, but occasionally get a good shoulder & pump a few turns down the line, try a cut back (usually stall out during cutbacks), etc.

    Primary use for the board is for when I go surf so cal on my 3-4 trips/yr. However, I am also planning a trip to Costa Rica in 2015 & will surf beginner and intermediate breaks near Pavones (or maybe in the north), so I want to take it on that trip. Ideal board for me would turn and duck dive like a short board but paddle into waves like a long board.

    What model do you recommend (I'm open to other models than those 3 mentioned above that I've demo'd)?

    Thanks guys -