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    Probably not much difference btw the two, all things considered. The Unibrow"s volume tapers from under your chest quite quickly fore and aft, making the board more instantly reactive and sensitive to subtle movements. The Hellfire carries it's volume further back towards the tail making it a little easier to catch waves. To me the Hellfire, in the 6/4 and with less actual volume than the 6/4 Uni, still "seems" to have more volume and be more stable because the volume is carried out to the rails with a flatter deck and less tapered rails; the Unibrow's deck being more domed. I also think the Unibrow has a little more tail lift which should equate to easier, more natural vertical surfing.


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      Originally posted by luismx View Post
      thanks piha. The reason i ask all of this is because im currently riding a dom 6.4 and i believe its time to push it further. i want my surfing to progress a tad more, becoming more vertical and snappy. the dom is a great board but after using it so often, and getting to know it more, ive reached the point where i literally "feel" its limitations. the race is on between the HF and UB. i still want my next one to grovel a bit, but in the end, im looking for the next step. was also thinking alternator, but im currently sold on quads so....

      hope this makes sense -.-

      p.s. how much does volume relative to length and width affect performance? looking at the 6.1UB and the 6.2HF. The hellfire has less volume but more width. the UB thinner, shorter but more volume. which one should i expect to go vertical easier? which one will take me further? the UB looks like it likes quality waves more than anything else....
      I wouldn't overthink it. Both boards will work. Your prior experience of boards will no doubt nudge you in the direction of one board or another. I chose a Unibrow because I like organic shapes and was looking for a seamless step up from a Dom for small/medium waves, to sit between the Dom and Q5 (like an Alt). I do have a Futura which is wider and thinner than my Unibrow. It's later into waves, faster horizontally when in the wave, but surfs less vertically.

      Its too early for me to give meaningful feedback on the UB though.


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        Ride report #2.

        Bondi this morning - nice 2-3 foot waves (chest to a touch over head high). Me surfing average to below average.

        The board? Well, I'm still sorting it. It's definitely loose and easy to get on rail. What isn't yet clear is drive - most waves have been of the carving top turn into cutback into wave dies out and flick off variety. My overall impression to date is that this is simply a small wave shortboard.

        It has less straight line speed than the Futura would have on a similar wave, but is looser. It's also much more of a back foot board than the Futura. It actually surfs to me like a round tail Alt might - closer to the Alt than the Dom - which is partly why I say its a small wave shortboard. By "small" I mean small to medium.

        Further surf tomorrow morning. Hopefully a more helpful report to follow.
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          I should have said "simply a good small wave shortboard".


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            Originally posted by buzzy View Post
            I should have said "simply a good small wave shortboard".
            like a spitfire? :P


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              I'd say the Spit is a good small wave hybrid - the Unibrow just seems to surf like a shortboard.


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                Yeah I reckon it's designed as an everyday shortboard for SoCal.


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                  It would be nice if the shaper could write a little more about the board.
                  It may sort out questions like: Should this be ridden same length as a dominator? Is it a Dominator for more advanced surfers or a Dom for better waves?


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                    great feedback everyone. Thanks for sharing it all.

                    Yeah fred the Unibrow is certainly a "higher" performance board than the dominator. Remember that volume is a major player when it comes to determining size. Take for example, the 508 Dom and the 510 Unibrow. They are both very close in volume so if you prefer one of these boards, then you would prefer the other.

                    Volume along with the rocker profile, board images and standard dimensions should really help you nail down how one board varies when compared to another.

                    Hope this helps further.


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                      So if you love your Dom in tiny waves, but you get the irrits with the nose width sometimes, then sell the Dom and go the same volume Uni and surf the same tiny waves with higher performance?
                      If you want a step-up for the Dom, the get the Uni in the same size or maybe 1 inch longer?
                      Would this be about right


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                        sounds about right sarge. I would stay in the same volume personally unless the dom felt big. The unibrow definitely has refined volume through the tail so you can maneuver your board far more easily and control it in bigger surf than the dom. It also still grovels well, but it does like a slightly better wave.

                        As always though, try not to oversize it....


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                          Ride report #3.

                          Chris' comments seem about right. Today I got a couple of nice waves and got to explore the board. My main observation is that, just like the Dom, it encourages smooth, rounded turns. It is a back foot oriented board. In terms of grovel it doesn't paddle into waves as well as the Dom, but it seems to cover most of the bottom end range of the Dom. Most, but not all.

                          It appears to differ at the other end of the scale from an Alt or Q5 in that it is less explosive or energetic in turns. As I say, more rounded.

                          I'd definitely slot in as a small/medium wave all rounder. I don't think it's an ideal travel board though - if I had to pick one board to travel with it would probably be the Q5.

                          Now that I've put up a few preliminary observations I'll just enjoy the board for a while and shut up!
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                            I know ive probably asked this question a few times(each post with a small part, and now trying to sum it up) but i need to ask again... All this reading is making my decision even more complicated....

                            The unibrow is a slightly more refined dom...meaning its a well rounded flowy kind.Hows does it compare to the hellfire? Is it better to take a unibrow and go short(6.1) to make it more. ...hmmm...snappy/less rounded or do i go for a 6.2 or maybe 6.4 hellfire and get the snappyness(is that a real word?) out of the tail and concaves?

                            From a confused...193cm 93kg 6.4 dom surfing companion


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                              I'd personally find 6'1" too short. I could use a 6'2" with me @90kg but I suspect the next step down might be too much work.

                              I guess it just depends how you want to surf. I've never surfed a Hellfire so I can't give a direct comparison but others have said it rails well but can also get skittish. I also don't want to suggest a Unibrow can't be pushed but at least in my opinion it encourages linked rounded turns. I don't mean lollipop turns lah de dah. I mean carved turns sending out least that's what I'd like to imagine.

                              At 93kg I'd think you'd be on a 6'2" or 6'4" in either a Unibrow or Hellfire. I'd personally think 6'4" would be right but I don't know your preferences. If you want an easy transition from the Dom, and like the Dom, go the Unibrow. If you want a different feel then try the Hellfire.

                              It's early days yet but I can say I have absolutely no buyers remorse for getting a 6'4" Unibrow with me @90kg and 47 yoa.


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                                The UB is in the board compare!!