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Mayhem V2 rocket?

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  • Mayhem V2 rocket?

    Hey guys is there any word when the V2 rocket will be available in Australia? I seen it in the 2013 catalogue and it looks pretty sweet. I think I have finally found my grovel board at 5'6 and 26.3litres. I was mad keen on a Dom/Spit type board but always fell in-between sizes...... This could board could be the key!

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    And the Piledriver?


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      Yea been looking at the pd just no sign of it on the web site or in the uk dealers pages. Might be nearer the years end.


      • Phill
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        Haven't even seen anything to suggest samples of those boards have made it to the uk yet. I'm guessing they are a way out!

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      Does anyone know when the new boards will be available in Australia? Hopefully some news soon or I might have to pick up a PU board.


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        V2 Rockets-



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          I see the V2 Rocket has been released in OZ and the US I Know it was tested in the US first has anyone tried one yet


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            i'm really curious about this V2 rocket... the last 3-4 days it's really captured my imagination... I see it as a spitfire type shape, with possibly better all around characteristics in a variety of waves... from knee high through to a couple of feet over head... really exciting stuff.

            anyone ridden one yet? and anyone know why the firewire dimentions are different to the ...lost stock dimentions?