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  • New C3?

    I was just in my local surf shop and saw this very interesting looking Lost called a C3; Carbon Cork Composite.

    Super light, cork deck and about $1,000. I like the fact that you will not need any wax as the cork deck is plenty sticky. I did a quick search and found this;

    He seems rather careless with the board, I would have been more careful for sure. At any rate, pretty radical tech for sure.

    Any one know, seen or surf this thing yet?

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    I've read quite a bit about them. I really like the concept. The dampening from the cork and lack of wax needed sounds really cool. I'd love to try a Baked Potato in this style of build. Imagine wooded rails and bottom skin and a cork deck.


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      Agreed 100%. The board looks so diff then whats out there. The board I saw was custom shaped so I'm curious if you came at Lost with BP dims, if they would do something similar?

      Well, when I have $1K free I'll do it :)


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          The ideas are similar to the FST rails and the RF deck. Not sure you want to go waxless on the resined (sp?) deck.


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            Man, you gotta see this deck, pure cork head to toe. I was trippen.

            Imagine the grip!