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  • What about the 29ers?


    I love all your boards but can you please please please try and plug the gap in what volumes you offer. I'm right in the mid 29 volume range but below is all your boards that are awesome but skip that range ( pretty much everything). I'm tired of buying PU boards that are the right size but always break.

    Unibrow- 28.8 to 30.2
    Tomo- 28.8 to 32.2
    Chubby- 28.7 to 30.9
    V2- 29.0 to 32.0
    Minidriver-27.8 to 30.5
    Pile Driver- 28.8 to 32.1
    Hellrazor-29.1 to 30.9
    Dominator-28.1 to 31.0
    Potatonator- 28.2 to 30.3
    Sweet potato- 28.9 to 32.3
    Stealth - 27.8 to 30.5
    Sub Scorcher-29 to 32.5
    El Feugo- 28.6 to 32
    Activator- 29.0 to 32.8
    Alternator-28.6 to 31.3

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    i c a couple 29ers on the list.. i doubt .3 .4 or whatever will make that BIG of a difference.. take the shape into consideration first


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      hey guys,
      there is legitimacy to both of what you are saying. A lot of times, 28.8L or 29.2 won't make a ton of difference. When we design a sku, we opt for dims/volumes that are as universal as they can be while still holding true to shape and performance. We feel that most surfers fall on one size or another of any particular model depending on a series of variables that the customer values when choosing a board.

      Going forward, we will be launching more models available at single inch increments, which should help bridge this gap. If they volumes don't fall right on 29, they will be very close.

      Cheers and good thing to note!!


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        Originally posted by Chris View Post
        ...When we design a sku, we opt for dims/volumes that are as universal as they can be while still holding true to shape and performance. ...
        I think that is important, holding true to the design.

        Even if you committed to any particular number, for one individual, that number is going to change over a lifetime and even for different conditions today. As you progress it will reduce, as you put on weight it will increase, lose weight decrease, and so on, and the optimum volume will be different for different models and their intended purposes for the same individual. There is always the CBD option but it too, has its limits and adds expense and time.

        That said, I think offering 1" length increments in length, like there are for the Unibrow (but only either side of 6'0) would probably help everyone fine tune their volume a little more, perhaps in the more popular models and size ranges at least.