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  • V4 Sizing

    I am thinking of betting a V4 but stuck on sizing.

    Currently my boards are around 30ltrs i.e.: 6'0 Mini Drive is 30.4ltrs

    I am stuck between the 5'10 and 6'0 and was thinking of getting the 5'10 but didn't want to be underdone and not sure if these paddle better than the size they are..

    Any thoughts..........i weigh 70kgs and surf mainly South West WA waves

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    Hi Fazza, I'm riding a 6'0 V4 and I'm 90kgs and it goes fine, paddles well, and catches waves pretty easily. You definitely don't want the 6'0.


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      Thanks Slowman..........did you find you can go slightly smaller than other boards you have surfed because the paddle was better in the V4 or is the 6'0 right on the money volume wise for what you like?


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        Fazza, I also have the 5'8 VG so this seemed the right choice, it's the lowest volume FW I have though I think other boards I've ridden would have been roughly the same, some even lower (just going by feel without knowing the actual volume). Anyway it is on the low end of the range recommended by the volume calculator, so all those things considered I picked the 6'0. I think I made the right choice it goes very fast and I have no problem paddling it and catching waves. It doesn't grovel all that well but then the VG can do that or my spitfire. In 3' it goes, in 6' it's amazing. It seems to get better as the waves get better.


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          Great.......i am also looking at getting a 5'5 VG. How have you found the comparison between the V4 and the VG. I have heard that the VG is great in small and big waves and also that the V4 can handle bigger waves better......what have you found?


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            Yes the V4 is better because it takes off easier in steeper drops just like your normal HPSB. I find the VG a handfull when the waves start to pitch quickly, especially if there is bit of an offshore breeze coming up the face - no problems with the V4 though. I tend to ride my VG in smaller surf, especially if it is a little full and weak, say from 1' to 3', 3'+ and I ride the V4. I find the nose on the VG can catch occasionally on fast pitching waves if you try to set too much rail and catch the corner. It's not a nose dive but it catches and kind of spins out from the nose, like a helicopter on a skateboard, except without the control!


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              Thanks……….ordered a 5'5 VG and 5'10 V4 hopping for FST soon :) Getting rid of the Mini Driver…….seem to have a love hate relationship with it.