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What size V4 in comparison to 5'6" VG

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  • What size V4 in comparison to 5'6" VG

    Hi guys, loving the 5'6" VG so much and find it goes in everything from thigh/waist high to shoulder+ with no worries, so so so much fun. I have been looking at the V4 for when the waves are shoulder plus but just cannot decide on size. Part of me thinks to stick with the volume and go 5'10" but the oter parts just can't stop wondering about the 5'8". Also, is there going to be enough difference in their performance to warrant having both. Any feedback would be great

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    From what i have heard I believe that 4" longer is the go.

    I have a 5'5 FST VG and 5'10 V4 FST on the way……..


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      Pointy nose MPH sizing is headhigh or an inch below. Round nose at bridge of your nose/eye level. Next gens at chin height. That's how Tomo sizes his customs. With the stock boards you're obviously limited by volume. I'd have a little more in the V4 over the VG as it's not as an efficient a shape and I want the extra paddle ability for bigger stuff.


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        just noticed you posted twice... i answered on your other thread... i'll copy/paste it here too..


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          i'm in the process of testing the 5'10 v4 now..nursing a dodgy back and cant find good waves anywhere..!!!... not fully felt it out yet but it definitely paddles and surfs smaller than the 5'6 vg... the 5'6 vg is spot on for me at 85-90kg... equal best full performance board i've ever 35 years of surfing..!!...shreds 1 foot to well overhead....... cant get the v4 to perform as well in crap to average waves... got a couple slightly overhead glassy super sucky rock runs and it felt good there...needs a big stiff fin (vg has ea blackstix in any size waves...v4 needs MB2 carbon lay-ups and still spins around when turning without full rail in...).. if there is water moving or wind or chop out there then it feels pretty small...if you get a good runner to wind it up on it goes nuts..!!.. but so does the vg....if you only surf glassy sucky barrels then it might get the nod... but the vg shreds those conditions AND everything else too.. i get the feeling a 6'0 would compliment the vg... but i'm guessing there... still early days until i get good waves though.... at this stage i see myself riding the vg (when new version arrives to replace my 2 x 2'8 vanguards) and then stepping up onto v4 thunderbirds.... will i ever ride conventional potato chips again...?????

          so at this stage i would call (for me) the v4 at the same volume, a step DOWN for GOOD waves....