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  • Inevitable copy

    While ideas throughout history are an evolution and build on the past, this seems a travesty. At least the post says replica;

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    The way I see it, stock dims don't fit everybody so customs copies are gonna happen. That said, those lucky enough to be in the US can get a custom straight from Dan. I think if FW put it into the CBD program it would cut that kind of thing down.


    • rennickshawaii
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      Like Phil said stock dims don't fit everyone. especially on the Vanguard . .Waited for the Vanguard to be added to the CBD which was supposed to happen last September 2013. On the Surfers Forum they said DT is not making customs till June of this year in the US. Other option is to have a replica made locally, which has it.s advantages to suit the individual surfer's needs.

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    The guy's been trying to sell that board for months. No bites. The "copies" are good for us consumers. Hopefully shapers continue to improve on the design.


    • aurfalien
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      Yea dark colored boards are odd for one thing. I'd imagine wax issues from the heat etc... Plus it may blend a bit much with the ocean, I do look at my board for placement etc... when surfing it, even for a split second.