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  • Project Thunderbird?

    So..... Ive really been enjoying the Tomo collaboration boards. I had a Nano (pre-Firewire), got a Rapidfire Vanguard, upgraded to an FST model, and recently added a V4. The V4 is a nice compliment to the Vanguard, as it surfs with a familiar feel, but with a slightly narrower tail. I really enjoy being able to pack up a small (for me) boardbag and have a really functional 2-board quiver. It has me thinking though, it might be nice to have a step-up to the V4. Thus my question is about the V4 Thunderbird that I saw on the Firewire Instagram: Any word on these? I can imagine that a step-up might not be a big market seller, but is there any possibility that these might be available for special order or through custom board design? Any information that you can share? Thanks!