Here is my take on the oversized potato boards. I am 6ft 175-180 and I tried a 6'1 Baked potato out back in the summer and there are pros and cons. The pros; much easier to travel with than a longboard, lighter, and tons of fun when you catch a wave.

The cons coming from a longboard. Feels like you are swimming the thing around and my wave count went way down.

I'm not a great surfer at all. I can catch a wave fairly easy on a longboard , turn, nose ride a little, get a floater here and there (DT2 and In the Pink and I also have a 7'6 Takayama) but the potato is not the best option in my opinion if you want to transition down to a short board. In my opinion go with the ADDVANCE. Based on the amount of water time you get I don't think you will enjoy the pain of learning the potato.

Good luck..