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Firewire Kitesurfing

The Firewire Kite Surfing line is designed for an all round wave riding experience depending on the type of feel you are looking for. This really depends on personal preference, body size and riding conditions. Obviously no one board suits all.

The two thruster designs are suited for guys that love drive coming off the bottom and then squaring up for a nice solid hook. These board give the rider the ability to go anywhere on the wave you want, as the combination of flex, rocker and shape make them super addictive. Your size and weight and riding style will dictate which one you opt for.

This year’s board line up is well rounded. Each board will suit various conditions and rider sizes differently. There is personal feel and adaptation to newer technology and shapes and Firewire has something to offer everyone.

Firewire Kitesurfing
The first time rode this board I was very skeptical on what it would really ride like mainly because of its small appearance.

I started on a 5'4 and moved down to the 5'2 surprisingly. Looks can be deceiving and the VANGUARD really fits into that mold.

First thing you will notice is that the board planes with no effort. It has hardly any resistance and will get you up wind to improve your wave count without any effort. It's by far the easiest board to get up wind onwithout having huge coarse racing fins, period. If I had to describe the wave performance I could sum it as fun and explosive. Fits in the pocket. The VANGUARD has the perfect rocker and fin combos to hook some gouging hacks right in the pocket with no hang ups.

This board will feel at home in 0-6ft and any wind angle. If you are looking for an all-round board that glides you thru flat sections, fits in a serious pocket or launches to the air like a skateboard, this a board worth investing in. Don't be fooled by imitations. Get the real deal and save your self a world of hurt. Daniel Thompson with the collaboration of Firewire tech have come up with the magic carpet.

Firewire Kitesurfing
If you’re looking for a high performance board that has that traditional feel, the PROFILE v1.0 is your stick.

Personally this is my go to board above the 5ft mark for when I really want to control the power of the conditions. This board, for me, still has the most magical hook in the business. The steeper the wave gets, the more this board starts to thrive. Though you may use it more seldom than your other all-condition boards in your quiver, it’s definitely a must have for the serious kiter.

Firewire Kitesurfing
If you want to enjoy the feel of a performance board with the twang of a hybrid

Then the HELLRAZOR warrants some serious consideration. The HELLRAZOR will give you the feel of a normal short board but boasts some width up front to get you planing through the flat sections of the wave. Many of today's modern designs in the kite world are based of this board as it is a highly versatile option..

Firewire Kitesurfing
One of my all time favorites in the line up.

The HELLFIRE is a board I use in 1-4ft when I'm looking for a hybrid feel while still retaining some performance magic when laying down some serious turns. Looking for a mix of everything? This board is worth a purchase. I ride it in the 5'6 size and surf it on a everyday basis.

Firewire Kitesurfing
The mother ship of mother ships.

Looking to get out in light air, the SWEET POTATO will get you there. With the 5-fin option you can set yourself up to be blazing on the mellow days. Bigger riders will also have a lot of fun throwing some tail on this craft.